Friday, April 10, 2009

Script Blitz: April 9

Completed 3 pages last night. Struggled with this one a bit, kept trying to remind myself not to worry about whether or not it was good. Then I realized it wasn't as much being about how good it was, the problem was that I wasn't sure if what I was writing was supposed to happen or if something else was supposed to happen. I've reached a stage where a lot more is resting on my incomplete outline, and all the plot elements are going to have to come together, and soon.

Then I realized that for now, all the plot stuff didn't matter anyways, and I should just write for the discipline of it. I ended up changing the scene halfway through, but it all worked out and I am happy with the scene. So it's all good.

But I'm still getting used to the fact that it is going to be a long haul. After a week, things have sort of started to drift into habit, but it's become a fine balancing act. I come home from work every day at 5:30, and eat dinner. I can either start writing then, and try to work on concept stuff as well as my three pages, but if I do that, I will have spent all evening writing, and then it's sleep and back to work. And if I do that too many times in a row, I get extremely worn out. So last night I watched a movie with Anthony while he edited a short film I shot for him a couple months ago. It was a nice relaxation time, and a movie that I have seen before and enjoy. Then I came home and wrote for a couple hours.

Anyways, I'm buckling in for the last two thirds of the journey, and hopefully it won't get too much harder before it gets easier. :)

Until next time, Ciao, i miei amici!

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