Sunday, April 19, 2009

Script Blitz: April 18 (and Nute Gunray)

Today Josh and I drove up to Burbank to meet with Brian. Had a story meeting which went quite productively, and then came back down to celebrate Anthony's birthday. Happy Birthday, Anthony! I got him a Nute Gunray action figure from Star Wars episode 1 that is sure to become his favorite. After I gave it to him, we both started quoting the slimy, noseless Neimoidian by saying things like "At last... we are getting RE-sults." and "Well, no, but, uh... seal off the bridge!" What a great character for an action figure...

Then I solidified yesterday as a good day when I showed Dark City to Linus Renee and Amanda. I really love that movie. I also happen to have a soapbox about that director's (Alex Proyas) latest film, Knowing, which came out in theaters some time ago. Most people didn't go see it because of some reason or another, but as it turns out, it was a really awesome film. I recommend it to everyone.

But after all that was over, I nestled down at my computer and wrote 2.5 more pages in my script. Still not quite up to snuff on the whole 3 page a day goal, but I'll try to write more tomorrow.


Alec said...

'Dark City' rulez! I dare say it stands above 'The Matrix' in the category of Alternate Word Movies (there are in fact many movies that stand above 'Matrix' in that list, not the least of which is 'The 13th Floor'). It's also one of my favorite Proyas movies. Right next to 'I, Robot'.

Hope to see some results from your 3-Pages-A-Day project... will I/we?

Kevin Christensen said...

You just might... eventually. I am growing more and more attached to it as a project, so I'm sure it will work it's way into something sooner or later.

No promises, though. :)