Friday, April 3, 2009

Script Blitz: April 2

So! Last night went better.

Took a little time yesterday to write more notes about the characters and their histories, plus their relationships to each other. I didn't touch on half of the characters, but the ones I did write about, I have a much stronger grasp on. As Chris Hartwell would say, "Ganar." *

Last night went well, I was actually happy with the stuff I wrote this time. I actually wrote a 5 page scene, which was pretty cool. I don't have limits for the scenes I write, I just let the scene dictate how long it should be, with the general idea of 3 minutes is a good average length for a scene. It was actually kinda cool that I was 2 pages above par (even though that sounds bad if you are a golfer). I don't know in the long run if I want this scene to run 5 pages, it might be a little long, but I suppose I won't be able to tell that until I have written much, much more.

This scene is about the STRANGER, who is sort of a Man With No Name / Clint Eastwood type and HIP HOP, who is sort of a combo of Lando Calrissian and a black version of Sawyer from LOST. Their interactions are going to be very fun to write, I can already tell...

Well, that's all for now, overall things are looking up. This weekend I'm going to do more legwork on the outline. Right now I have this sort of amorphous muddle of scenes, arcs, and characters in my head, I think it will do some good to organize that a little.

Until next time, good afternoon, good evening, and good night.

* Yes. It's Spanish for 'win.'

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