Saturday, April 11, 2009

Script Blitz: April 11

I am very tired. Today I spent 8 hours on the road and shot a scene for a short film while I was out there. So I basically got up at 6 in the morning and got back at 8pm, already exhausted. But I sat down to my computer with the goal of writing something, dreading it because I knew the scene that I was planning to write was going to be crap. A piece of information needed to be told to another character, and she needed to be horrified by it. Yippee.

Nothing was coming. So I got up and took a shower (I was still feeling dirty and sweaty from the shoot) and after that I felt a lot cleaner. I went out on our balcony and let the cold night air refresh me, and as I was thinking, an idea came to me about the scene, which suddenly took this boring piece of information that needed to trade hands suddenly much more compelling. I sat down and wrote the scene, and 5 pages later, I was pretty happy with it. Sometimes it's surprising what a different context can do for a plot point!

...Which brings me to another cool revelation, and that is that it brings my page count to 45 pages, meaning I am halfway through. Wahoo! ...And it's only the 11th of April! I'm feeling pretty good about this month of writing so far.

Anyways, that was my exciting anecdote for the day, and now it's off to bed, to rest my limbs and my brain!

And tomorrow's Easter. Success.

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