Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Script Blitz: April 7

Deep down, I hope some of you readers out there are benefiting from my blogs about writing. But I think there is an equally important implication it has had on me. When I started this whole idea of a Script Blitz, I doubted I could keep it up for very long without someone constantly nagging at me like a dripping faucet. But I've somehow managed to keep writing every day so far, and I think the knowledge that I am going to force myself to blog about it the next morning has helped motivate me. Oh the hidden benefits of blogging! :)

So anyways, I had to drag myself through the 3 pages last night, and it didn't come as easily as it did the night before, but at least I did what I committed to. So it's a success in that aspect. I also spent a lot of time developing the outline and characters more. In fact, I think I may need to write in a couple more characters for the story to work. I think one of my characters is kind of a contradiction right now, and if I split him into two characters, it will be a lot more consistent. There has been a lot of this sort of 'shopkeeping' that takes a lot of time, but every time I dig in and analyze my story, I always come out with good things that make the story less bad and more good (sorry to all you grammatic fanatics out there).

A cool realization happened last night. I already knew that the story is taking a lot from classic westerns, and I discovered that one of these characters had the ability to represent the "wild" of the west, just like in the old westerns. The man that is more comfortable in the wilderness than in the city. I love characters like that, because I grew up in a sort of wilderness area, and I feel a strong connection to nature, so I love the idea of writing a character like that.

Well, that's it for now. Until next time, Ciao!

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