Saturday, April 4, 2009

Script Blitz: April 4

Did a lot of writing today. As a matter of fact, I only wrote the standard 3 pages, which happen to be the first 3 pages of the movie. But beyond that, most of what I was writing today was not actually script pages, but other more important stuff. For one, I started outlining the film. Didn't get too far with that, but at least put a lot of thought into the story as a whole. Secondly, I made a discovery regarding the 'mythology' of the film.

I have been working through a lot of thoughts that I have had about the 'world' of the film, meaning that the story is fantastical and takes place in a world slightly different than our own. A lot of these thoughts have felt disconnected or incomplete so far, but tonight I was able to think through it and come up with some really cool stuff as to how it all fits together. It's like that moment when you are doing a puzzle, and you have put together a section here, and a section there, but then you stick them in the frame and you can suddenly see what the puzzle is going to look like. That's what this felt like, and it was cool to suddenly be able to see it in a new light that brought all those pieces together.

To tell you a little more of what I am talking about without revealing too much yet, I should say that the movie I am writing involves vampires. I knew from the start that I wanted to make this movie about vampires, because they are such interesting mythical creatures that open up possibilities to look into a lot of interesting themes that I find fascinating. I even have had a cool new way of presenting them visually and stylistically that hasn't really been done before, but I know that to make this a good movie I am going to need to re-tell the vampire myth in my own way. I want to remain as true to classical vampire lore as possible, but also delve into what that means from a new perspective.

This is major big picture stuff, and I've known for a while that I would need to get this all figured out, and tonight I made a major breakthrough. I am really excited to see where it ends up going, and what stories I'll be able to tell in this world.

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