Sunday, October 12, 2008

I had a Pony, her name was Lucifer...

I have decided to change the name of my blog.

Mainly I think this is because I despise stagnation, but I think a little of this may be a result of my scrambled brain due to my recent trip to Bryce Canyon (awesome as it was, It was still more than a little brain-scrambling). Indeed, I have only been back an hour, and I think the 9000 foot elevation change has really gone to my head.

But if one thing is clear, it's that I had a pony, and her name was Lucifer. So, without a moment's hesitation, I renamed my blog and have set forth with a resolution to post more frequently than before. Which shan't be difficult, admittedly.

This new blog will be more open for me to talk about whatever I want to, and thus create more chaos amongst all my two readers, and cause them to mubble and gander through the wabe. For that I apalogilolicize.

But I digress. As you may have guessed, the thing that's on my mind right now is a song called "New Pony" from Bob Dylan's 'Street Legal' album. It is a fantastically awesome rockin' tune and all two of you readers should check it out here immediately.

"She broke her leg and she needed shooting
I swear it hurt me more than it could ever have hurted her."

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